Annual vs. Everyday Strategy

Going Beyond One-Off Planning Sessions

Everyday co-creative strategy is part of the ability to solve problems, seize opportunities, and make sense of ongoing complexity in real time.

You will always need a plan, but nonprofits, NGOs, and charities need the skills, mindsets, processes, and behaviors to reiterate, change, or pivot strategies and tactics at any given time.

It's self-evident that nonprofits are facing massively complex and unwieldy challenges never faced before in human history. So why does the philanthro-industrial complex carry on thinking that planning via three-to-five years intervals is enough?

Marketplace dynamics, economic flux, technological disruptions, and emergent trends are coercing changemakers to think, collaborate, and perform much faster than that. This is no longer optional: Everyone needs to measure their actual collaboration speed and scale up their repertoire.

Practitioners of everyday co-creative strategy know a few other factors:

  • Nonprofits face crises and problems during the execution of any strategic plan. Strategy and tactics can quickly become obsolete in the light of new information.
  • Nonprofits need to adjust, reiterate or pivot the direction of its programs, or services, if needed.
  • They need the knowledge, mindsets, skills are needed to do the latter, along with a process of sensemaking and discovery.

Change is the constant

The lifespan of a S&P 500 company is now only 15 Years. Compare this with 75 years back in the year 1937.

Source: [email protected] 2010.

Many businesses like RIM, Blockbuster, Kodak, and Radio Shack have failed to keep up and adapt.

Everyday Co-Creative Stratgy

While you're not expected to actually convene every day, everyday co-creative strategy is a capability that when important events force nonprofits to reevaluate their direction, then they can come together within short period of time

Fast Action Tips

Things you can do right now



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