Best practices are outdated.

The Nonprofit NEXT Practice Primer introduces social change makers to pioneering practices, methodologies, and emerging leadership trends. It's a basic roadmap to help nonprofits explore new ideas for 21st century capacity-building.

Nothing ever stands still in the marketplace and nonprofits are not an exception. Nonprofits need real information and substance, not more platitudes. The primer answers many questions I had when I travelled the same road seeking better answers for nonprofit and charity leaders.

Two things I'm attempting here:

  • Accelerate awareness around these concepts.
  • Accelerate discernment between substance and sloganeering in mainstream conversations.

For the record, there's no silver bullet, ultimate toolkit, or single solution that will move the nonprofit sector forward or make organizations more innovative. What this primer helps with is kickstart awareness that it's much more complicated than guidelines and mantras.

Do you need to totally reform your repertoire? I can't answer that for you. But I absolutely hope this helps you understand your options. Please share this with other leaders and staff members so that they can carry onward, and help others do so, too.

I believe in helping you connect the dots and giving you a better starting point in the adaptability journey. Use the primer to learn quickly and supercharge what you already know.

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— Bryann Alexandros, SKYLANCE.Org


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